Gypsum diffusers “CIRCLE”

Frameless CIRCLE diffusers are the most versatile solution for
every room and interior design style. It is the most popular choice,
stylistically completely non-binding, blending perfectly with the environment.

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Like all Ventmann air distributors, products in the CIRCLE line can be plastered together with the wall or the ceiling and can be painted with the same paint as the entire surface. All CIRCLE standard models can be adapted to your needs:

  • 100mm or 125mm – these are the smallest standard connection nozzle diameters you can select.
  • 160mm – this is the medium diameter of the standard connection nozzle that you can select.
  • 200mm or 250mm – these are the largest standard connection nozzle diameters that you can select.
  • Industrial strength magnets – the diffuser cap is supported by magnets that do not lose their strength for 95 years.

This is our most versatile unit. It fits the design of most rooms and provides comfortable air flow in majority of situations. CIRCLE, like all other frameless diffusers, can be used for both air supply and air extraction.

Multiple beautiful, sleek CIRCLE diffusers can be installed in a single room. You can order one of the standard CIRCLE diffusers from our partners in your area.

Circle air flow

Sensible airflow

Diffuser measurements

For further technical references, please download our technical catalogue. To learn more about frameless diffusers, watch our Youtube video.

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