Gypsum diffusers “SQUARE”

SQUARE diffusers are so much more than just another air distributor.
They are minimalist interior elements that will accentuate the precise lines and rigid angles
of an interior design. Toss aside the ventilation grille. You will no longer have to think about where to hide it,
because from now on, air distributors are an integral part of the interior design.

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SQUARE ventilation diffusers are also a practical solution. They are the first diffusers on the market that are mounted at the same time as the walls or ceilings and can be painted with the same paint. In addition, even standard SQUARE models can be adapted to your needs:

  • 100mm or 125mm – these are the standard connection nozzle diameters that you can select.
  • Industrial strength magnets – the diffuser cap is supported by magnets that do not lose their strength for 95 years.

Due to their strict shape, multiple such diffusers can be installed in a single room. SQUARE is fit for minimalist interior design or a design that requires vents to be nearly invisible.

Square air flow

Sensible airflow


Diffuser measurements

We also invite you to get acquainted in detail with the technical information of SQUARE model diffuser, which you can do by reading through our catalogue.

Finally, to witness how easy it is to install SQUARE diffusers, we invite you to watch our product showcase video.

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