Gypsum diffusers “LINE”

LINE model diffusers are an elegant and flexible interior design solution.
Using this model, it’s possible to create strikingly unique interior elements or, in contrast,
make the diffuser almost invisible.

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Linear diffusers:

1-slot linear diffuser

2-slot linear diffuser

3-slot linear diffuser

2-slot linear diffuser mounted

By selecting the right model size, it becomes easy to create interesting ceiling designs. Alternatively, it is also possible to create an illusion of no diffuser at all. In the event of form over function, our LINE diffusers can also be used as imitations, to create an endless line without breaks. This way, unique interior design solutions can be made real.

LINE diffuser models are more than just interior design elements, but a practical solution. They are the first diffusers on the market that can be painted with the same paint as the rest of the surface. Our models are varied and can fit a vast majority of situations:

  • 1-slot, 2-slot or 3-slot types are available from LINE models.
  • 625mm; 1000mm; 1250mm – you can choose these standard lengths of the LINE diffuser models.
  • 12mm or 18mm – you can choose these standard slot widths of the LINE diffuser models.
  • Each diffuser will be paired with acoustic junction boxes that can be fitted into the ceiling.

Even standard diffuser models can be flexibly adapted to your needs. They can be connected in an infinite line with unobtrusive connections. These unique solutions do not require lowering of the ceiling height. Our gypsum diffusers can be used for air supply and extraction.

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Diffuser measurements

line118 air flow

line218 air flow

line318 air flow

Sensible airflow

We also invite you to get acquainted in detail with the technical information of LINE model diffuser, which you can do by reading through our catalogue.

Finally, to witness how easy it is to install LINE diffusers, we invite you to watch our product showcase video.

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