Gypsum diffusers “PLINE”

The Ventmann PERFORMANCE LINE vent diffuser combines elegant and adaptable design features with a specially engineered airflow that uses the Coanda effect, making it ideal for air conditioning. This is a model that empowers you to craft distinctive interior features or seamlessly conceal the diffusers, while minimizing direct airflow onto users.

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The PERFORMANCE LINE model features all the hallmarks of a Ventmann diffuser – sustainable materials, frameless installation, the ability to paint it to match the other surfaces in the space, and design applications ranging from discrete to bold. What sets it apart from our standard LINE model is its unique shape and engineering, which harness the Coanda effect.

The Coanda effect is an aerodynamic phenomenon that causes a jet of air to be attracted to a nearby surface, efficiently diffusing the airflow. In practice, this means the current of air spreads out along the ceiling rather than being blown straight down.

This innovative vent diffuser also incorporates an interior deflector, adjustable using a simple screwdriver. This deflector enables precise control over the direction of the airflow, allowing you to direct the air at any desired angle from one side to the other. As a result, building users do not experience the discomfort of having a strong airflow directed right at them, which is especially important with air conditioning systems and when dealing with colder air (15 degrees Celsius or lower). Ideal for air conditioning use, this model is also suitable for regular ventilation systems and heat recovery units.


2 slot diffuser

As with all Ventmann diffusers, this is a highly flexible and adaptable unit. The connections employed are discreet and uncomplicated, and there is no need to lower the ceiling height. And it can be customized in various ways to align with your project’s specific requirements. Our PERFORMANCE LINE vent diffuser is offered in:

  • 1-slot, 2-slot, or 3-slot versions
  • Standard lengths of 625mm, 1000mm, and 1250mm
  • Slot width of 20mm

Should your project demand non-standard solutions or specific dimensions, our team is ready to provide assistance.To see just how easy it is to install the Ventmann PERFORMANCE LINE vent diffuser, have a look at our product showcase video. And our catalogue contains all of the technical information about this model, so you can explore all of its possibilities and see how it would fit with your project.

For further technical references, please download our technical catalogue.
To learn more about frameless diffusers, watch our Youtube video.

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